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New Products!Wink

Copper Chimes

Changing Chimes 1/2 " tubes $50.00
3/4 "tubes $60.00
100% copper charming changing chimes. Watch nature slowly color the copper as these beautiful tubes freely chime in the wind.


Circular Wine Holder $45.00
Wine and dine at a party, picnic or a fancy feast. These wine holders elgantly sit making a great piece for the table or resaurant.


Candle Snuffer-all copper $25.00
These are the most unique candle snuffers you'll ever see. Similar to the bubblewands they are wrapped with copper wire and a glass marble is placed at the bottom of the copper handle . Candle snuffers can be used on all candles.


Head Massager $25.00
Heavenly head messagers are wonderful. Rub them upon your head, shoulders, knees, or feet. Try it on your pet. These stress releivers will relax every mucsle in your body. When rubbed on your head notice pressure points located on the top of your head (connected to most parts of your body) being stimulated. AHHHHHHHH :)


new copper and brass earings -$25.00 a pair


3-dimensional twirl $18.99ea
These beautiful wands will twirl your world! Twirl wands are as fun to make as they are to play with. We take a 2-dimensional wand and change it to a 3-dimesional wand turning it into a unique fantastic wand.


These items are all quality handmade from 100% copper*tucson*az*  Phone:520.721.6318