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About Us

          paint the air as we watch child spirits unfold
       and we hear playful sounds of lauphter and pure joy
    from a creation that is unique and special.


                       family owned and operated in the beautiful Arizona desert.

click here to check us out on page 91- in "Wire in Design" a book written by Barbara A Mcguire



Bubbling away in New Mexico.


A Mother and child blowing bubbles at one of our booths. You can blow air through the wand as well as wave the wand to make beautiful bubbles


Your order means more to us now than ever!!  The moneys generated from your orders are being used to contribute certain needed items to hospitals ,foster homes and to the elderly.

Dancing bubbles is family owned. We are located in Tucson Arizona. All of our products are handmade right here in our own comunity

Our bubblewands were magically created into this world of never ending wonder in Eugene, Oregon where My other half and I started out ten years ago living day- to day on the road . We handmade bubblewands in our small ford motor home where we cooked, lived, and experienced many adventures. If there was an event we were there making bubbles and selling our wands. We made just enough money to eat, get fuel for our gas guzzling motor home, then go on to the next town. True wandering souls in the midst of chaos.

During all this, a magical thing happened. As I waved my wand more and more somber faces transformed into a vibrant happiness. It didn’t matter what age, it affected everyone. Smiles manifested. People were becoming child like including us. I realized our bubblewands are a simple necessary instrument to cheer the spirit.

I remember stopping in Minnesota to do a festival. Routinely I pulled out put my bubblejuice container put it in my Guatemalan bag then started to make bubbles which naturally attracted children and curious people. A blind man stood next to us who did not know what a bubble was He asked what I was doing . I gave him a wand and we waved it together .I took his hand to a bubble and explained how it popped ,and as i made the bubbles he reached out to pop as many as he could. It was fascinating to see this blind man experience the universal play we are all familiar with.

Another more trembling experience was in ’95’ when we journeyed to Oklahoma city with just enough money to do a well attended festival. We thought we were going to be rich! Unfortunately, a shocking, horrible thing happened upon our arrival. A bomb had exploded downtown where the event was to take place. Confused and devastated, we faced saddened hearts, no festival and no survival money. We had to do something. I had no other choice but to go out and make bubbles. There I was, 6 months pregnant the day after the federal building disaster, making bubbles. People looked at me like I was a Forrest Gump and I think I was. Miraculously two women saw me outside their window and later wrote in a newspaper that it was the happiest thing they needed to see. Eventually, we sold our wands then headed to Kansas city.

Selling bubblewands on the street lead us to festivals, shops, then wholesale shows. I’ll never forget family on the road , our adventures and how much we have been blessed. Now ,years later ,we’ve managed to have a bubbly life in Arizona with our  children. We continue to bubblewander the earth spreading joy. The bubblewands are selling like crazy. We’re in books, magazines and on television!

DB wands are the genuine, original bubblewands. These are high quality ,made with earth friendly all natural materials. There’s no other like these marvelous creations.

When making bubbles we hear laughter, play, and the sounds of pure joy. People will remember what is truly important in life, our inner child. It doesn’t matter how old we get we are all children. Have fun, it is contagious!

dancingbubbles.com*tucson*az*  Phone:520.721.6318 e-mail:bubblewands@dancingbubbles.com