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2 dimensional bubblewands- shapes and sizes $9.99ea
All bubblewands are available in a variety of different colors and shapes, approximately 18 inches tall.The designs or shapes at the top of the wand are about 4 inches wide.This picture displays a few of our abstract designs. We also have many distinct shapes. such as :
frog, bear, alien, cat, butterfly, dragonfly, spider, dolphin, heart, flower, cactus, angel, cross, star, moon. yin-yang, sailboat, fish, shamrock, dogbone, diamond, eye, mountain-moon, dog, duck, loon , rabbit, mushroom, top hat, space shuttle, balloon, lightning bolt, tulip, music note, treble clef, cup, dove , tree, bow, girl, boy, girraffe, bunny, wine glass, plane, turtle, sheep, shield and love hand signal    (if you wish to request a certain shape ,please specify with your order, or we will send our most popular  abstract bubblewands)
We do logos and custom designs!

please add 10.00 for shipping and handling costs with your entire order. thank you

2-dimesional marble gift bubblewand
a glass marble is placed in the middle of your 2-d design


2-dimensional crystal gift bubblewand
a quartz crystal is placed in the middle of specific designs


Shaker bubblewand
These magical gift bubblewands are an absolute favorite. With an unstationary ring in the middle, you can dip this wand in your homemade bubblejuice ,wave and shake. It makes a beautiful sound.
bubble formulae cards are included with each wand.
db pre made secret bubble formulae is available to order with a container for your convenience.


3-dimensional bubble wand
These elegant bubblewands are truely unique. There is none other quite like them.They make a one -of- a- kind gift and a great converstional peice.
They are rounded, like a globe or an atom.


3 dimesional marble
3-d marbled wands have a marble placed in the center of the globe
$18.99 ea


3 dimensional crystal
3-d crystal bubblewands have a quartz crystal placed in the middle of the globe


3-d spinner $22.00-$27.00ea (picture not yet shown)
We also have 3-d marble and quartz crystal spinning bubblewands. These wands spin in the middle of the globe making a marvelous creation of facsination and fun.

We also have solid copper bubblewands available.
The handle in the middle is 100% copper.
add +$5.00

14.jpg*tucson*az*  Phone:520.721.6318